Saturday, February 12, 2011

Reverbnation: Become #1 (Musicians)

As you can see, I did this for myself, which means what I'm about to explain
is proven work.

First, lets look at why you would want to be number 1 on a site like Reverbnation.
The answer - no one gives a shit about anyone else.

Reverbnation is a musician to musician site. A regular fan of music wouldn't bother
with a site like this, especially since the majority of people's taste in music is
from TV/Radio.

Being number 1 will get you visits, listens, and clicks from peers wondering how the hell you got there, gauging/comparing your music to theirs, and setting goals for themselves to be better than you.

Little do they know, the reason you're on top isn't through the "power of music", but through "networking" (most musicians piss on networking - don't listen, chances are - they aren't successful). Now through networking, you've managed to make them listen to your music. You can laugh at them now.

Here's how you rise in the charts:
(You can do this quicker by starting locally, then switching to a major city in your area.)

1. Become people's "Fans" (You have a 1000 fan limit, use it ALL, then unfan the old ones, "rinse and repeat")

2. Leave comments on the people's profiles you've "Fan'd", acknowledge their music, suggest your page (most of them get it and will Fan you back) TIP: set daily goals i.e.: 20 fans a day, then 30, etc... it will boost your equity.

3. Tell your friends. Don't be an asshole about it though and spam your Facebook/e-mail/myspace about it. That annoyance will push them away.

4. Use the widgets/gadgets and put them places. The listens and clicks you get from them count toward your band equity. (There's a reverbnation app called "My Band" on facebook. Other sites are html friendly and you can place your widgets there.)

5. Link up your social network profiles. It gives you more fans and the friends you make on these sites are counted and boost your band equity. (A site like myspace you
can get up to 1,000 friends a day if you really tried, there's no limit)

6. Watch yourself rise up the ranks. It's really that easy. I did it with one song on my page...

My stats:
Fans: 11020
Song Plays: 634
Visits: 6248
Video Plays: 109
Widget Hits: 3604


  1. Through networking almost anything can be accomplished, its like building an army yanno?

  2. Great guide I am going to have to try your tips!

  3. i was on there for a while, but i just cant think of anymore songs...

  4. Sounds like a good way to get popular. If only I could write music :)